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DI-8B45 Frequency Input Modules

0 to 100kHz Input Range

Product Features

  • Accepts Frequency Input Signals 0 to 100kHz
  • TTL or Zero-Crossing Signal Inputs
  • High Level Voltage Outputs
  • 1500Vrms Transformer Isolation
  • ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1 Transient Protection
  • Input Protected up to 240VAC Continuous
  • 100dB CMR
  • 70dB NMR at 60Hz
  • ±0.05% Accuracy
  • ±0.02% Linearity
  • Low Drift with Ambient Temperature
  • UL, CSA, FM and CE Certifications Pending
  • Mix and Match Module Types on Backpanel

Products in the Series

DI-8B modules are an optimal solution for monitoring real-world process signals and providing high level signals to a data acquisition system. Each DI-8B45 module isolates and conditions a frequency input signal and provides an analog voltage output.

The frequency input signal can be either a TTL level or zero crossing with as little as ±100mV amplitude. Input circuitry for each signal type has built-in hysteresis to prevent spurious noise from corrupting the module output. TTL signals are applied to the + and - terminals while zero crossing signals are applied to the +EXC and - terminals.

A 5V excitation is available for use with magnetic pick-up or contact closure type sensors. The excitation is available on the -EXC terminal with return on the - terminal.

A special input circuit on the DI-8B45 modules provides protection against accidental connection of power-line voltages up to 240VAC. Clamp circuits on the I/O and power terminals protect against harmful transients.

Isolation is provided by optical coupling to suppress transmission of common mode spikes or surges. The module is powered from +5VDC, ±5%.

The modules are designed for installation in Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations and have a high level of immunity to environmental noise.