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DATAQ Announces…

Release Date News Release Title Product(s) Described
May 1, 2005 Low-Cost Data Acquisition Instruments Offer Integrated Isolated Amplifiers and Record to SD Memory Cards DI-718B Series
June 1, 2004 16-Channel Data Logger Modules Can Run Stand-alone or Tethered, Act as Internet Data Servers — All at Low Cost DI-710 Data Logger
June 1, 2004 Low-Cost Data Acquisition Modules Feature Fast Sampling, Analog and Digital Input and Output DI-158 Series
June 1, 2004 USB Data Acquisition Module Offers High Performance at Low Cost DI-148U
November 1, 2002 Starter Kits Make Data Acquisition Easy and Inexpensive DI-194RS and DI-154RS
October 10, 2002 New Modules Put ICP® Signal Conditioning into a 5B-Style Package DI-5BICP Series
September 3, 2002 New Line of Portable Instrumentation Modules Offers Unique Channel-to-Channel Isolation and Synchronization Features DI-1000TC
February 1, 2002 DATAQ Software Toolkits Create Interactive, Virtual Control Panels for Data Acquisition without Programming XControls
November 20, 2001 Improved WinDaq/XL Software for MS Excel Boosts Speed and Adds Post-Acquisition Data Playback WinDaq/XL
November 1, 2001 Compact Portable Data Acquisition System Offers Expanded Dynamic Range, High Speed and Multiple Interfaces DI-730 Upgrade
November 1, 2000 DATAQ Boosts the Versatility of Its Data Acquisition Products with ActiveX Control Package ActiveX Control Library
October 1, 2000 WinDaq/XL Software Adds Powerful Easy-to-Run Data Acquisition Capability to Microsoft Excel WinDaq/XL
May 1, 2000 Ultra-Compact 32-Channel Data Acquisition System Offers a Fully Integrated Solution for Amplified Transducers DI-740 (now obsolete)
August 2, 1999 Portable USB Data Acquisition System Now Achieves Industry-Leading 200 kHz Sampling Rate New level of USB data acquisition performance
April 15, 1999 Module Expander Makes Isolated Industrial Measurements Convenient and Cost-Effective DI-75B Backpack Expander
April 15, 1999 DATAQ'S DI-725 Expansion Unit Cuts Cost/Channel for High-Pressure Data Acquisitions Tasks DI-725
June 8, 1998 New Portable Data Acquisition System Features Industry's Widest Measurement Range With 1000 Volt Channel-To-Channel Isolation. DI-720 and DI-730
December 16, 1997 DATAQ Announces New Low-Cost Data Acquisition Signal-Conditioned Starter Kit DI-195B starter kit (now obsolete)
December 12, 1997 New Data Acquisition System Offers Greater Flexibility For Portable Systems Users. DI-222 (now obsolete)
December 6, 1997 New High Speed OEM Data Acquisition Board Connects To PC's Parallel Port. DI-5001
December 4, 1997 New Data Acquisition Card Features High Resolution and High Speed DI-410 (now obsolete)
December 2, 1997 DATAQ Offers WinDaq Software Supporting Different Sample Rates Per Channel. WinDaq/Pro+ and WinDaq/Lite
November 18, 1997 DATAQ Announces New, Upgraded WinDaq Data Acquisition Software WinDaq/Pro
November 4, 1997 Radio Shack® To Carry DATAQ Instruments Data Acquisition Starter Kit For Under $100 DI-150RS (now obsolete, replaced by the DI-154RS)
October 21, 1997 DATAQ Becomes First Company To Offer Free Downloads of Waveform Analysis Software WinDaq Waveform Browser
March 19, 1997 New Data Acquisition Card Features High Speed Conversions Without DMA DI-400 Series (now obsolete)
August 1, 1996 WinDaq/200 Data Acquisition Software For Windows Offers New Features. WinDaq/200 (now known as WinDaq/Pro)
March 18, 1996 DATAQ Premiers Single-Box, PC-Based Data Acquisition Systems With Built-In Signal Conditioning And 1000V Isolation DI-500 Series (now obsolete, replaced by DI-785)