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DI-900MB Accessories - All now OBSOLETE

Download the DI-900MB Accessories data sheet in pdf formatDownload the Accessories Data Sheet for more information.

Everything you need to complete your network is available from DATAQ Instruments, Inc. - isolators, signal converters, signal boosters, power sources, and mounting hardware.

DI-900MB Configuration Kit (Model 100969)

Includes the Configuration Software for Windows (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP) on CD-ROM; a non-isolated RS-232 to RS-485 Serial Port Converter, DB-95 to DB-9F; USB adapter; and an 8 ft. Cable, RS-485 to 3-wire Cable Converter, DB-9M to 3 × 12 AWG RS-485. These components provide everything you need to set up a Series DI-900MB module from your desktop PC before installing it on the network.

Isolated Network Repeater (Models 100977 and 100978)

This unit isolates and boosts RS-485 signals to extend communication distances or increase the number of devices on the network. Each Repeater permits the addition of a network branch with up to 32 devices (including the Network Repeater) and will transmit RS-485 signals another 4000 feet. Operation is transparent to all devices and no handshaking is required. Two terminal blocks are provided for 120 ohm resistors to terminate both ends of the network branch. Use model number 100979 for power cable.

USB Converter (Model 100970)

USB-to-RS232 adapter.

50W Power Supply (Model 100980)

Universal supply drives DC-powered signal conditioners.

AC Current Sensor (Model 100973)

AC Current Sensor - for use with DI-913MB modules only. One required per channel.

DIN-Rail Mounting (Model 100971)

Our 19" rack-mount kit provides a clean solution for mounting your I/O modules and a power supply. Holds up to 16 DI-900MB modules.