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Enabling DI-220/221 Instruments Under Windows XP

To use a DI-220/221 under Microsoft Windows XP please apply the following procedure:

  1. In the computer BIOS setup, make sure that the parallel port is configured for Bi-Directional (PS/2) or Standard operating mode. The DI-220/221 will not work in ECP or EPP mode.
  2. Using Microsoft Notepad or another text editor, create a batch file named START220.BAT or START221.BAT, depending upon which instrument you are using (DI-220 or DI-221), in the directory where the WinDaq software is installed.
    1. If you're using a DI-220 on LPT1 the batch file should contain the following two lines (remember to hit the "Enter" key after each line):
      • 220LDRNT.EXE -DDI221NT.DLL 1 DI-220.BNM
      • DI200ANT.EXE -DDI221NT.DLL -N1
    2. If you're using a DI-221 on LPT1 the batch file should contain these two lines (remember to hit the Enter key after each line):
      • 220LDRNT.EXE -DDI221NT.DLL 1 DI-221.BNM
      • DI200ANT.EXE -DDI221NT.DLL -N1

      If your device connects to LPT2 replace the bold "1" and "-N1" with "2" and "-N2" - if it connects to LPT3 replace with "3" and "-N3" - and so on.

  3. After you've entered the lines that correspond to your instrument select "Save" from the "File" menu.
  4. Go to the Start Menu and find the WinDaq Program Group. Right-click on the shortcut that starts WinDaq Acquisition and select "Properties." Change the Target: Command line to read C:\WinDaqNT\START220.BAT or C:\WinDaqNT\START221.BAT (depending on your instrument).

Occasionally, when you run the loader, Windows XP will turn the device power off before WinDaq starts. It will report "Could not open data acquisition device" and the green power light will be out. Try a second time and WinDaq should start.

Note: To avoid wasting time as your system starts up, delete the 220Loader from your system Start Up folder.