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TestPoint Driver Installation Guide

  1. Install WinDaq software

    Install WinDaq/Lite, WinDaq/Pro, or WinDaq/Pro+ recording software to setup the device driver, DSP loader, or batch file required for your instrument.
  2. Download TSTPT32.ZIP to Your TestPoint directory.

    Download the DATAQ TestPoint driver kit to your TestPoint directory. To access our TestPoint driver kit (this is a zipped file named TSTPT32.ZIP), go to our home page, click Support, click Upgrades, and finally click 3rd Party Drivers. When the download is complete, unzip the downloaded file in your TestPoint directory.
  3. Edit TESTPT.INI

    Edit file TESTPT.INI as follows (refer to file TESTPT2.INI and the TestPoint manual if you need an example):




For further TestPoint driver installation technical support, contact: