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Data Acquisition Starter Kit DI-1110


DI-1110 Introduction

DATAQ Instruments announces an improved mid-range USB data acquisition (DAQ) starter kit, model DI-1110. This new instrument replaces model DI-149 with a superior feature list and much better price/performance. You won’t believe what $89 can buy. Let’s compare the new DI-1110 to the product it replaces:

As you can see, the DI-1110 substantially raises the price/performance bar. Just like the DI-149, the DI-1110 provides armored, differential analog inputs and discrete I/O, a .Net Class for writing your own Windows programs, and a documented protocol for other operating systems. Beyond that, the picture changes dramatically. Let’s look at the details:

Data Acquisition Resolution

With two more ADC bits, the DI-1110 offers four times the measurement resolution of he DI-149. What does this mean? Let’s assume that you connect a load cell with a 1000 lb. range and a 4-20 mA output to both a DI-149 and the DI-1110 using a 250 Ω shunt resistor. The smallest load change you can measure using the DI-149 is 4.9 lbs. With the DI-1110 you can resolve 1.2 lbs. If you just measure voltage, resolution values for the DI-149 and DI-1110 are 19.5 mV and 4.8 mV respectively.

Data Acquisition Sample Rate

Do you need fast? The DI-1110 takes”fast” to a new level for an $89 product. The DI-1110 tops out at 160 kHz, or one sample every 6.25 µS. Compared to the DI-149’s 10 kHz maximum rate, the DI-1110 easily captures the fastest transients and events.

Learn more…

There’s much more information available for this revolutionary instrument on its product page: Accessories, data sheet, protocol, etc. Here are links:

DI-1110 Product Page
DI-1110 Data Sheet
DI-1110 Protocol



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    Posted January 29, 2018 at 6:46 pm Permalink

    Hello, just purchased the DI1110 as a replacement for older DI149. Previously I deployed the DI149 driver from my own software. I need the procedures to do the same now with the DI1110, thanks.

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