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DI-1100 Firmware Update


What’s The Problem?

In the process of consolidating the firmware of various devices we inadvertently shipped some model DI-1100 USB data acquisition instruments with a defect that causes the instrument to sample at half the expected rate. For example, an instrument programmed to sample at 100 Hz will actually sample at 50 Hz.

DI-1100 USB DAQ Starter Kit

Is Your DI-1100 Affected?

The problem described above affects any DI-1100 with a manufacture date between September 1, 2017 and October 30, 2017. The manufacture date of your DI-1100 appears on the sticker located on the bottom side of the instrument (see Figure 1.)

Figure 1

 How Do You Get The Update?

A firmware update installation can be downloaded from here. This is a small file (<14 MB) and contains everything you need to update your DI-1100. Simply download the file and double click it to begin the installation process. We recommend that you accept all the default installation settings. If Windows displays a marquee stating that it “protected your PC” (see Figure 2), simply click “More info”, and then click the “Run anyway” button.


Figure 2

How Do You Apply the Firmware Update?

Assuming that you installed the software with default settings you should see a new shortcut on your desktop (see Figure 3.) Simply double click the shortcut and follow instructions from there. The update process only takes a few seconds, and you can uninstall the application after it finishes.

Figure 3


How Can You Get Help?

If you have difficulty, or have any questions at all regarding this update, please submit a support ticket at this link:




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