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Save a Segment of Data as a Second, Smaller File



The WinDaq Waveform Browser allows you to select a segment of data, and save it as a second, smaller file.

Suppose you have a very large data file, recorded over several days, or even weeks. Now suppose that that file contains a significant event that transpired in a matter of seconds. Perhaps you’d like to isolate that event, or even email it to a colleague for review. The trouble is, WinDaq data files can be as large as 4 gigabytes.

There is a solution! The WinDaq Waveform Browser allows you to save a segment of data as a second, smaller file. The following multimedia presentation will guide you through the process, step-by-step. You’ll learn how to select a segment of data using the time marker and cursor, and save it into WinDaq format (Binary (with CODAS header)). The resulting file will contain only the data that you’re really interested in.

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