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How To Install Model DI-245 Under Windows XP


Since our new model DI-245 voltage, millivolt, and thermocouple data acquisition system was released after Microsoft very vocally discontinued support for Windows XP, the instrument is the first in a long while that does not natively support that operating system. We’ve since learned to our chagrin that Microsoft continues to provide XP support in some countries, creating a quandary: For the first time Windows operating system support is a function of your location on the planet. Sigh…

Customers who still use XP and who want to deploy the DI-245 on that platform can use this guide to do so. Installation is the same as for a contemporary OS, except that drivers need to be downloaded and installed separately. Here’s the procedure:

  1. Download DI-245 software from
  2. Install the software, which installs everything you need to use the DI-245 except drivers.
  3. When you connect the DI-245, your computer will complain that DI-245 drivers do not exist.
  4. Download a ZIP file containing drivers from this link, and unzip the contents to a folder in a known location on the target XP PC.
  5. Manually install the drivers from the Windows Device Manager. If you aren’t sure how this is done, this guide provides a step-by-step procedure. 
  6. Do not be alarmed by the dialog box stating that a driver may harm your PC. Simply click CONTINUE ANYWAY.
  7. PLEASE NOTE that you need to install two drivers, executing steps 5 & 6 twice, one for the USB port and another for the virtual COM port that the DI-245 hooks to communicate with the PC. The driver file that you downloaded contains both.

Your DI-245 is ready to use.



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