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Model DI-245

Four-channel USB Voltage and Thermocouple DAQ (click for expandable 8-channel version)

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DI-245 Voltage and Thermocouple DAQ
  • Includes a DI-245 instrument, a 6-foot USB cable, a screwdriver for signal connections, an NIST-traceable calibration certificate, and downloadable WinDaq software
  • Four differential and isolated analog input channels
  • Programmable voltage and thermocouple measurements per channel
  • 10 mV to 50 V programmable range per channel in 12 steps
  • Programmable support for type J,K,T,B,R,S,E,N thermocouples per channel
  • Sample rate of 2000 Hz for a single channel and 200 Hz throughput for two or more channels
  • USB interface
  • Included WinDaq software for ready-to-run measurements
  • Included .NET class (see Example)
  • Fully documented protocol supports other operating systems
WinDaq Data Acquisition SoftwareWinDaq Software
Data Acquisition Recording and Playback Software. 2kHz (single channel) or 200Hz (multiple channels) maximum sample throughput rate.
DATAQ SDK .Net class programming solution. Learn More.
Starter Kit DriversDrivers Only Download
No Software included
WinDaq Data Acquisition SoftwareWinDaq/XL
Ports data directly to Windows Microsoft Excel in real time during acquisition. Purchase directly from the WinDaq/XL product page.
(Trial Version)
DATAQ Python Example ProgramsPython Example Programs
Python example programs available on GitHub. Learn More or visit our GitHub page:
DATAQ SDK .Net class example programs with MATLAB®. Learn More.
R250 Shunt ResistorR250 4-20 mA Current Loop Shunt Resistor
Precision 250 Ω resistor, 0.1%. Learn More about 4-20mA current loop data acquisition.
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Ferrite ChokeFC-1
Ferrite choke reduces interference for USB-based data acquisition products.
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NIST Calibration Certificate for DI-245 productsNIST-245-CAL (Re-calibration Service, included with new instruments)
NIST-traceable certificate for model DI-245 Thermocouple and Voltage data acquisition product. Includes before and after data. Shipping charges do apply when ordering online. Learn more about Calibrating your device.
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DI-2008 USb Voltage and Thermocouple Data Acquisition System
  • 8 differential and isolated channels
  • Voltage or TC type per channel
  • Expandable using ChannelStretch™
  • 16-bit measurement resolution
  • ±10mV to ±50V measurement range
  • Rate and count inputs
  • Includes WinDaq/Lite software
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DI-808 Voltage and Thermocouple Data Logger
  • Works with any smart device
  • TC, mV, V, pulse inputs
  • Advanced triggering functions
  • Alarm outputs with email/text alerts
  • Manage, receive and retrieve data from virtually anywhere
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DI-718B Data Acquisition and Data Logger Systems
  • 8 analog inputs
  • 4800 Hz max sample rate
  • Uses isolated 8B amplifier modules
  • Makes any industrial measurement
  • Small form factor fits into tight spaces
  • Wide power supply range (9-36 Vdc)
  • Includes WinDaq software
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