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DAQ Starter Kit Helps Win Science Fair Competition


DATAQ Instruments makes data acquisition hardware (usually a DAQ starter kit) and software donations from time to time to young people who demonstrate the need for a particular measurement that we can satisfy. Examples are measurements in school projects, science fairs, and even Ph.D theses. We recently learned that two high school students used WinDaq high-speed software that we donated with one of our daq starter kits to win a regional competition. In the words of their sponsor:

Three years ago your company sponsored our science fair project by supplying a software upgrade allowing high speed data acquisition.   Thank You.

science fair 2It took longer than I expected but the project was completed and entered into the 2015 Central Sound Regional Science Fair in Washington State.  The project won the Power and Transpiration Division and was one of seven finalists to compete for two spots to present at the National Science Fair in PA.  They also won the award for using metric units.

The project used a Proney Brake to measure the power curve of a wind turbine blade set.   The DAQ measured two linear hall effect sensor voltage that measured shaft torque and rotor speed.  From this they calculated wind turbine power as a function of rotor speed.

Enclosed is a picture of the students.  From left to right is Kyle and Kevin, both in 10 grade. Again Thank you and thanks for supporting the science fair community.

Our thanks to Kyle and Kevin for choosing DATAQ Instruments products for their project, and our heartiest congratulations for using them with such success.


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