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New Stand-alone Data Logging Features Added to the WinDaq Dashboard


The latest version of the WinDaq Dashboard includes two helpful new features to the Stand-alone data recording functionality of the DI-2108, DI-2108-P, and DI-4000 Series of data acquisition and data logger products.

Record on Power Startup

Use the Record on Power Startup checkbox in the Stand Alone Setup window to begin a recording session to the USB flash drive upon power-up.

Usage is simple:

  1. Setup your Stand Alone configuration as normal, including trigger conditions, and save it to the data logger.
  2. Remove power from the data logger and deploy at your application’s location.
  3. Install the USB thumb drive into the data logger.
  4. Apply power.

Immediately, the device will go into Record mode or Armed mode (if you have trigger conditions setup).

This feature is available on all DI-2108, DI-2108-P, and DI-4000 products in stand-alone mode.

View Live Data (Ethernet Products Only)

Click on the View Live Data button in the WinDaq Dashboard utility to get a peek at your data as it streams to the removable USB flash drive.

Functions of the LiveViewer include Pause, Resume, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Waveform Up, Waveform Down, and Cursor Reading.

This feature is available on all DI-4000 Ethernet (DI-4108-E, DI-4208-E, DI-4718B-E) products in stand-alone mode. Specific Firmware and Hardware Revisions are Required.

Watch our YouTube video playlist for a full tutorial on Stand-alone setup and the LiveViewer utility.

Download the latest software at

Firmware and Hardware Revisions and Compatibility

Check to see if your device is compatible with each feature below:

FeatureProductsHardware RevFirmware Rev
Record on Power StartupDI-2108, DI-2108-P, DI-4108, DI-4208P1.23
Record on Power StartupDI-4718BAll1.23
LiveViewerDI-4000 SeriesAll Ethernet1.23

If you have compatible hardware – read our knowledge base article How To Update Your DI-1100, DI-1110, DI-2108, DI-2108-P, DI-4108, DI-4208 or DI-4718B Firmware.


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