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Data logger products and how to use them.

Making Parallel Thermocouple Measurements

The question comes up often, “Can I connect a thermocouple to your data acquisition system and a secondary device (i.e. additional monitoring equipment, a controller, etc), at the same time?” The answer is yes. It’s often convenient to make a parallel measurement when using a thermocouple to acquire temperature data, while using the same temperature Read More

Send Text Alerts Using the DI-808 Web-based Data Logger

Not only can you email data and alarm alerts using the DI-808 web-based logger, you can also send text alerts to your mobile phone or tablet. All major carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.) have designated email addresses that can be used to send text messages via an outgoing mail server (email-to-sms). To send a text Read More

Microsoft Edge Bug Workaround for Model DI-808

There’s a bug in the Microsoft Edge web browser that prevents the program from working properly with DATAQ Instruments’ model DI-808 Web Data Logger. The problem manifests itself when you attempt to connect to the DI-808 using Edge with a direct connection (no router involvement) and by using the DI-808’s factory default address of Read More

Use the DI-808 Data Logger From the Internet

DI-808 Adaptability One of the most exciting features of the DI-808 data logger is its built-in web server. Its user interface is designed like a standard web page and embedded into the instrument. That means that any device that can open a web page can use it. Desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone, Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, Read More

Data Logger Features Built-in Web Server

 Model DI-808 Data Logger Features an Access-anywhere Design DATAQ Instruments is proud to announce the latest addition to its product line, model DI-808 Web-based data logger. This exciting product offers a new concept in data logging with its built-in, intelligent web server. In brief, the DI-808 Web data logger can be used by any device with Read More

GL240 and GL840 E-mail Alerts

The B-568 wireless option gives Graphtec GL840 and GL240 users the ability to send an E-mail alert when an alarm condition is detected, when WiFi signal strength is weak, when the battery is low (in stand-alone mode), or when the SD memory card is nearly full. Email Alarm Notification These instructions assume that you’ve already Read More

Wireless Capability for GL240 and GL840 Series Instruments

Additional reading and product details: GL240 data logger GL840-M data logger (60 V isolation) GL840-WV data logger (300 V isolation) The B-568 wireless option for Graphtec GL240 and GL840 series loggers allows for the following: Wireless Communication with a PC or Smartphone Peer-to-peer communication with a PC (configured as an access point or as a router-managed device), Read More

Introducing the EL-CC-1 Cold Chain Data Logger

DATAQ Instruments is please to introduce the EL-CC-1. Designed for cold chain monitoring, the EL-CC-1 logs a time and date stamped temperature reading every 10 minutes, and provides a visual indication when temperatures rise above or fall below pre-configured limits. Three different versions of the EL-CC-1 are available; one for chilled foods (35.6° to 46.4°F), Read More

Introducing the EL-BT-2 Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

DATAQ Instruments is pleased to introduce the EL-BT-2. A Bluetooth-enabled temperature and humidity data logger, the EL-BT-2 is capable of logging ambient temperature from -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F) and relative humidity from 0 to 100%, at sample intervals from 10 seconds to 1 hour. A free app, downloadable from the Google play store, Read More

Introducing the GL840 Data Logger

DATAQ Instruments is pleased to introduce the third-generation GL840 data logger. Replacing the now obsolete GL820, the GL840 features 20 isolated analog channels, with optional expansion up to 200. Each channel can be individually configured to acquire voltage from ±20mV to ±100V full scale, or temperature, with support for K, J, E, T, R, S, B Read More