DATAQ Instruments Application Notes and News

DI-155 Data Acquisition Starter Kit Protocol Document

The data acquisition protocol document for the DI-155 is now available from our website at this link. For those not familiar with the concept of an instrument protocol, please review this link for background information. The DI-155’s protocol is very similar to its cousin products’ protocol, the DI-145 and -149, but includes definitions that can Read More

New Data Acquisition Starter Kit Ships Today

Data Acquisition > Voltage > DI-155 Finally, the DI-155 data acquisition starter kit ships to customers beginning today. We have a backlog to work down, which in combination with new orders for the product, should take us until the end of the week. At that time, we’ll probably place the DI-155 on Same Day Shipping Read More

DI-155 USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit Availability Update

Data Acquisition > Voltage > DI-155 The Short Take If all goes as planned we’ll ship the DI-155 data acquisition system during the week of March 12th, with assembly of the first production run scheduled to begin on Monday, March 5th. As of this moment, our online store is accepting advance orders, and shipments will Read More

NEW Temperature Alert LAN-based Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Data Logger > Wireless > Temperature Alert Temperature Alert is an affordable (about $300) LAN-based temperature and humidity data logger for real time monitoring of temperature only (model TM-WIFI220) or temperature and humidity (model TM-WIFI220-TH). It includes a WiFi radio and hard wired Ethernet interface to easily connect to any network. The best feature is Read More

The DI-160 Event, State and Count Data Logger

Data Logger > Event, State, Count > DI-160 Check out our demonstration of the DATAQ Instruments DI-160 Event, State and Count data logger!  Follow Us

DI-145/149 QR Codes

Data Acquisition > Starter Kits You may have noticed that the labels on all DATAQ Instruments DI-145 and DI-149 series starter kits now include a QR code. Scanning the QR codes using a smart phone app will take you to the product pages on the DATAQ Instrument website, where you can view product highlights, download Read More

Eliminating Noise When Using a DI-145/149 Starter Kit to Acquire Data

Data Acquisition > Starter Kits A common complaint among DI-145/149 users; “noisy” signals in WinDaq are sometimes attributed to grounding, or lack thereof.  Because the DI-145/149 draws its power from the USB port, it shares a ground with the PC. Under these unique conditions, where noise is present, the DI-145/149 should be grounded: You’re connected Read More

Data Acquisition Products Test Hydraulic Actuators

Data Acquisition > Mixed Measurements Note: The DI-740 mentioned below is now obsolete, replaced by the DI-808 or DI-2008. Both the DI-808 and DI-2008 include a 15VDC excitation supply and feature eight differential and isolated analog input channels, with programmable measurement ranges up to ±50V full scale.  It’s a critical constraint that demands a critical measurement: Your control signal says Read More

How To Eliminate Noise in Data Logger and Data Acquisition Measurements

Data Acquisition > Products or Data Logger > Products (Note: This is a consolidated version of a six-part series on signal noise reduction in data logger and data acquisition systems.) This happens almost daily: A customer contacts our support group to complain of noise on his measurement. Almost invariably a comparison is made between the Read More

How To Eliminate Noise in Data Logger and Data Acquisition Measurements (Part 6 of 6)

Data Acquisition > Products or Data Logger > Products (Note: A consolidated version of this topic that contains all six part can be found here) Common Mode Voltages and Non-isolated Instruments You’ve arrived at part six of this series because you have noise on one or more acquired analog channels. Using procedures described in Part Read More