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DATAQ Instruments Application Notes and News

An Overview of the PC-based APS Software for Graphtec GL Series Instruments

Data Logger > Graphtec The APS PC-based software for GL220, GL820 and GL900 series instruments gives you access to all of the features on the front panel of the instrument, and more. When connected to your PC via the USB or Ethernet interface, the APS software allows you to view real-time data, enable and configure channels, set Read More

Additional Features of the Temperature Alert LAN-based Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Data Logger > Wireless > Temperature Alert The Temperature Alert home page includes a XML feed and gives you the ability to view log files containing historical temperature and humidity data.  Follow Us

Calibrating Graphtec GL Series Instruments to Display Engineering Units

Data Logger > Graphtec Features built into Graphtec GL series instruments allow you convert voltage into meaningful engineering units (psi, lbs, etc.). This video demonstration shows you how.  Follow Us

Connecting to your Temperature Alert LAN-based Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Data Logger > Wireless > Temperature Alert The ‘Connection Settings’ tab allows you to choose a hard-wired Ethernet or WiFi connection.  You can configure the Temperature Alert data logger a for DHCP or static operation, and scan for wireless networks.  Follow Us

An Overview of the Temperature Alert LAN-based Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Data Logger > Wireless > Temperature Alert A built-in web server gives you access to all of the Temperature Alert’s impressive features. Use your favorite web browser to view the current temperature and humidity, set alarm levels and specify an email address where alerts and daily reports can be sent.  Follow Us

NEW Temperature Data Logger EL-USB-LITE

Data Logger > Lascar > EL-USB Series > EL-USB-Lite NEW EL-USB-LITE Temperature Data Logger The EL-USB-LITE Temperature Data Logger is now available for purchase online on the DATAQ Instruments web site. The EL-USB-LITE is a low-cost single-channel USB data logger that measures temperatures from -10 to +50°C (+14 to +122°F).  At only $41.60, the EL-USB-LITE is Read More

A Fix for the DI-155 Channel 1 Flaw is Released

Data Acquisition > Voltage > DI-155 Well, this was embarrassing. It turns outs that a couple a dozen or so of the first DI-155s that we shipped could not make a measurement on analog channel 1. An internal check revealed that all the DI-155s that passed calibration and were sitting in their plastic boxes waiting Read More

DI-155 Data Acquisition Starter Kit Protocol Document

The data acquisition protocol document for the DI-155 is now available from our website at this link. For those not familiar with the concept of an instrument protocol, please review this link for background information. The DI-155’s protocol is very similar to its cousin products’ protocol, the DI-145 and -149, but includes definitions that can Read More

New Data Acquisition Starter Kit Ships Today

Data Acquisition > Voltage > DI-155 Finally, the DI-155 data acquisition starter kit ships to customers beginning today. We have a backlog to work down, which in combination with new orders for the product, should take us until the end of the week. At that time, we’ll probably place the DI-155 on Same Day Shipping Read More

DI-155 USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit Availability Update

Data Acquisition > Voltage > DI-155 The Short Take If all goes as planned we’ll ship the DI-155 data acquisition system during the week of March 12th, with assembly of the first production run scheduled to begin on Monday, March 5th. As of this moment, our online store is accepting advance orders, and shipments will Read More