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DI-159 PLC Connection with a Mac Computer


Using the DI-159 PLC on a Mac Computer

Just follow these simple steps to use your DI-159 PLC on a Mac computer. In these instructions we were using a Mac Book Pro with OS X Version 10.8.3.

  1. Plug the DI-159 into a USB port on your Mac computer.
  2. Find the USB connection between your MAC and the DI-159
    1. Go to “About This Mac”
    2. Click on the “More Info…” Button
    3. Click on the “System Report…” Button
    4. Go to Hardware > USB to view the location.
  3. Start a Terminal session. Terminal is the MAC application, located in the Utilities folder, that provides access to the Unix side of MAC OSx. Hint: If you don’t know how to start a terminal session use the “Spotlight” feature and run a search for “terminal.”
  4. Find the system-level device name
    1. Use the command shown below:
    2. The device name matches the Location ID
  5. Create a Terminal SHELL.
    1. Go to Terminal > Preferences
    2. Click on the “Shell” tab. For the Run command: Enter “screen /dev/system-level-devicename” (here tty.usbmodem1411).
  6. Run the new terminal shell (Shell > New Window > CPUStick CDC).
  7. Sample programs can be copy/pasted from text files or load the text file directly inside the Terminal program and save it to the device. A correctly connected DI-159 inside the terminal program is shown below.

Go to the DI-159 PLC product page to learn more.

Of course, you could always use the Windows emulator on your MAC and install the Windows drivers and DATAQ Terminal Emulator: Download the Windows utilities for the DI-159 (device driver and terminal program)


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