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Low-cost, Multi-function Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

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  • Includes a DI-159PLC instrument, a 6-foot USB cable, and downloadable terminal emulator
  • Low-cost, Data Acquisition and Control
  • Built-in BASIC Programming Language
  • Stand-alone or PC-connected Operation
  • Supports High-and Low-speed Applications
  • Eight Built-in Analog Input Channels
  • Four Built-in Digital Output Channels
  • Four Built-in Digital Input Channels
  • Replaces Controllers many times its Price and Complexity
  • Note: The DI-159 is NOT compatible with WinDaq or WinDaq/XL Software packages.
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DI-159 PLC Data Acquisition Instrument
This data logger is manufactured in the United States of America


Model DI-159 PLC (programmable logic controller) is a first-of-its-kind product to leverage low cost, but extremely powerful 32-bit microcontrollers to provide a fully integrated solution that is easily programmed for a vast array of data acquisition and control applications. Alternative products (both PACs and PLCs) use complex programming language environments like C, .NET, LabVIEW, Domore!, Productivity3000, or other proprietary software that requires either a major time investment to understand and apply, or the need to hire expensive system integrators and consultants. In contrast, the integrated BASIC programming approach of the DI-159 PLC allows anyone with rudimentary programming skills to construct effective control systems in mere minutes. The product so tightly integrates the programming language with data acquisition and I/O hardware that many complex control scenarios may be implemented with only a few BASIC instructions.

The DI-159 PLC offers most of the data acquisition features of the popular DATAQ Instruments DI-149 Data Acquisition Starter Kit. It provides eight protected analog input channels, each with a ±10 VFS range and 10 bits of ADC resolution. Also provided are four each general purpose digital inputs and outputs. The outputs can switch up to 30 V/500 mA loads, and the inputs detect TTL thresholds over a maximum applied range of ±30 V peak. Also provided for general-purpose use are two LEDs and one push button switch.

Wrapped around this data acquisition core is an embedded BASIC language compiler called StickOS from that provides single-instruction access to each analog input and digital I/O port, as well as the LEDs and switch. The language supports real time performance to allow precisely timed operations that are so critical for many process control applications. It features four tick timers, each independently programmable to 250 µs resolution. This real time core is then leveraged by a powerful and familiar BASIC command set that supports block statements (IF, THEN, ELSE, etc.), strings, arrays, mathematical expressions, and much more.

The DI-159 PLC provides a USB port interface and can be used under any operating system that can run a terminal emulator and hook a COM port. A connected terminal emulator provides direct access to the DI-159 PLC’s embedded BASIC programming environment and, depending upon the emulator, the ability to save and load an unlimited number of programs beyond the DI-159 PLC’s built-in flash memory limit of three. Emulators that are available online for free are Terminator and Konsole (Linux), iTerm2 (OS X), and PuTTY and TeraTerm (Windows). Also for the Windows environment the DI-159 PLC is supplied with a Visual Basic. NET application that allows terminal emulation, and BASIC program storage and retrieval. The DI-159 PLC’s BASIC compiler is pre-programmed with a demo application that works with the Windows application to record DI-159 PLC analog and digital data to a connected PC in a Microsoft Excel-compatible format. Also included with the DI-159 PLC is a USB cable. Purchase the optional AC adaptor (connects to the USB cable) for stand-alone, computer-independent control applications.



AC Power Supply

AC power supply


Optional AC power supply (USB to AC) for stand-alone applications and charging EL-WiFi Series products. Includes US adapter.


US Power Adapter

US Power Adapter


Spare US Adapter for AC power supply 101017-2 and 101085.


EU Power Adapter

European Power Adapter


Spare European Adapter for AC power supply 101017-2 and 101085.


UK Power Adapter

UK Power Adapter


Spare UK Adapter for AC power supply 101017-2 and 101085.


Australian Power Adapter

Australian Power Adapter


Spare Australian Adapter for AC power supply 101017-2 and 101085.



Drivers only Download

Installs drivers for all contemporary data acquisition hardware products that support WinDaq software.

Starter Kit Drivers

Windows Terminal Emulator

DI-159 PLC Software

Free download. Terminal emulator program for use with Windows operating systems.

Terminal Emulator