Educational Discounts

DATAQ Instruments, Inc. is proud to offer a 10% educational discount on most hardware purchases to qualifying educational institutions in the United States. Qualifying Educational Institutions that purchase 5 or more of the same model in a single shipment will receive a 15% discount on that shipment. View the Table below for Models and discounts. We do not offer discounts on starter kits.

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Discount Table
Model 1 to 4 5 or more*
DI-245 10% 15%
DI-710 Series 10% 15%
DI-720 Series 10% 15%
DI-722 Series 10% 15%
DI-730 Series 10% 15%
DI-785 10% 15%
DI-788 10% 15%

*The quantity discount of 15% applies to orders of 5 or more of the same model in a single shipment.

Questions regarding this offer should be directed to

Click here to apply online for a Free Data Acquisition Starter Kit for kids' Science Fair Projects.