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DataqSDK | WriteDataqFile | ReadDataqFile | WinDaq | DQChart | DataqSerial (obsolete)

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Many situations demand that a data acquisition program be built from the ground up. As such, you require access to the most basic elements of data acquisition hardware. This control provides that access. (In contrast, the WinDaq control relieves you of general data acquisition housekeeping and delivers scaled waveform data to your application.) DataqSDK may be used with all supported DATAQ Instruments' hardware and programs are easily transformed to acquired data from starter kits (e.g. DI-145) to high end data acquisition systems (e.g. DI-730). Download the Help Files.



This control can be used to create a WinDaq-compatible file. Although your data acquisition program may not use WinDaq software, it may still be beneficial to allow the data files your program acquires to be accessed, displayed and manipulated using WinDaq waveform browser software. This control ensures that the files created by your program may be used in this manner. Download the Help Files.



This control can be used to read WinDaq-compatible files. In many instances, you may wish access to data acquired by WinDaq data acquisition software. Examples include custom analysis and export requirements. This control provides a convenient way to perform these special operations. Download the Help Files.



Use this control to eavesdrop on the data stream being acquired by WinDaq Data Acquisition software. Use this control to return the single value or the latest frame of data if you use the data frame methods or it can monitor the whole data stream if you use the data stream methods.

The primary advantage of this control is to relieve you of the tasks associated with initializing data acquisition. These include, but are not limited to, scan list initialization and management, sample rate definitions, engineering unit scaling and many others. These tasks are performed by WinDaq turnkey data acquisition software at a very high level. However, the data acquired by the application can be made available in real time by this control. In this manner, the control allows you to concentrate on specific requirements of the task at hand without regard to mundane and obscure data acquisition details. Download the Help Files.



This control is provided to allow basic charting capability for any acquired data. Used with any of the other controls, this provides a powerful visual representation of your data. Download the Help Files.


DataqSerial (obsolete)

DataqSerial is no longer supported. DataqSDK should now be used with all supported hardware products. Download the Help Files.


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