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DI-5B33 Isolated True RMS Input Modules

100mV to 300V RMS Input Range

Product Features

  • Interfaces RMS Voltage (100mV to 300V)
  • Designed For Standard Operation With Frequencies of 45Hz to 1kHz (Extended Range to 20kHz)
  • Compatible With Standard Current and Potential Transformers
  • ±0.25% Factory Calibrated Accuracy (Accuracy Class 0.2)
  • 1500 VRMS Continuous Transformer Based Isolation
  • Input Overload Protected to 480V Max (Peak AC and DC) or 10A RMS Continuous
  • ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1-1989 Transient Protection

Products in the Series

Each DI-5B33 module provides a single channel of AC input which is converted to its True RMS dc value, filtered, isolated, amplified, and outputs to the data acquisition instrument as a 0-5V signal. The module provides input-to-output isolation of up to 1000V rms for measurement convenience and safety. DI-5B33 modules may be ordered in five different input ranges: 100mV, 1V, 10V, 150V, and 300V RMS full scale. The DI-5B33 covers a wide frequency range of inputs: 45 to 1000Hz at ±0.25% accuracy and 1kHz to 20kHz at ±0.75% accuracy (accuracy figures are for the module only).

The introduction of the DI-5B33 module brings DI-715B, DI-720, DI-722, and DI-730 instruments within reach of a variety of power measurement and management applications. These include but are not limited to multiphase AC power voltage and current measurements at US and European levels, DC drive and other SCR firing applications, and other AC motor measurements that require wide voltage and frequency ranges. Other specific examples include: AC voltage and current measurements for power, lighting, electromotive, and other applications; and DC drive system monitoring, calibrating, or troubleshooting in steel, aluminum, or paper mills.

The DI-5B33 module is designed with a completely isolated computer side circuit which can be floated to ±50V from power common (pin 16). This complete isolation means that no connection is required between I/O common and power common for proper operation of the output switch.

The input signal is processed through a pre-amplifier on the field side of the isolation barrier. This pre-amplifier has a gain-bandwidth product of 5Mhz and is bandwidth limited to 10kHz. After amplification, the input signal is chopped by a proprietary chopper circuit. Isolation is provided by transformer coupling, again using a proprietary technique to suppress transmission of common mode spikes or surges. The module is powered from +5VDC, ±5%.

A special input circuit on the DI-5B33 provides protection against accidental connection of power-line voltages up to 480VAC.