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DI-5B42 2-Wire Transmitter Interface Modules

4mA to 20mA Input Range

Product Features

  • Isolated +20VDC Current Loop Supply
  • Provides Isolation For Non-Isolated 2-Wire Transmitters
  • High Level Voltage Output: +1V to +5V
  • 1500Vrms Transformer Isolation
  • ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1-1989 Transient Protection
  • Input Protected to 240VAC Continuous
  • 100dB CMR
  • 100Hz Signal Bandwidth
  • ±0.05% Accuracy
  • ±0.02% Linearity
  • CSA Certified

Products in the Series

Each DI-5B42 2-wire transmitter interface module provides a single channel that accepts a 4 to 20mA process current input and provides a standard +1 to +5V output signal. An isolated +20VDC regulated power supply is provided to power the current transmitter. This allows a 2-wire loop powered transmitter to be directly connected to the DI-5B42 without requiring an external power supply. The regulated supply will provide a nominal +20VDC at a loop current of 4mA to 20mA.

The DI-5B42 will provide a 1500V isolation barrier for non-isolated 2-wire field transmitters. It can also be used when additional isolation is required between an isolated 2-wire transmitter and the input stage of the control room computer.

The voltage output is logic-switch controlled, allowing these modules to share a common analog bus without the requirement of external multiplexers.

The DI-5B42 module is designed with a completely isolated computer side circuit that can be floated to ±50V from power common (pin 16). This complete isolation means that no connection is required between I/O common and power common for proper operation of the output switch.

A precision 20Ω current conversion resistor is supplied with the module. All field inputs are fully protected from accidental connection of power-line voltages up to 240VAC. The module has a 3dB bandwidth of 100Hz. Signal filtering is accomplished with a six-pole filter, with two poles on the field side of the isolation barrier, and the other four on the computer side.