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DI-722 Data Acquisition Systems

USB, Ethernet, or Printer Port

Product Features

  • Ethernet model supports Synchronous and Distributed Data Acquisition
  • ±2.5V To ±20V Full Scale Measurement Range Per Channel. Custom Measurement Ranges Also Available
  • Input Protection to 120V RMS Per Channel
  • Full Differential Measurement Capability
  • Printer Port Interface is supplied on all models, versions with USB or Ethernet Interfaces Are Optional
  • 14-Bit Resolution
  • Ethernet Option supports synchronous and distributed data acquisition up to 100 meters apart. For greater distances between units, use the DI-789 Repeater Switch.

Products in the Series


DI-722 Series data acquisition instruments are designed for applications that require an extended measurement range and input protection. Very similar to DI-720 Series general purpose instruments, the DI-722 Series expands the DI-720's measurement range to ±2.5, ±5, ±10, and ±20 volts full scale with an additional level of input protection. What's more, the DI-722 Series offers the added flexibility of customer-specified measurement ranges. These enhancements allow the DI-722 Series to make otherwise difficult measurements such as in-vehicle testing or any other measurement application where a 10 volt full scale range is inadequate. Moreover, the DI-722 Series features full differential measurement capability. These channels will tolerate up to 120V RMS normal and common mode voltages without damage. Extend the measurement range of the DI-722-32 using a DI-75B or DI-78B signal conditioning module backpack (contact DATAQ Instruments for information).

DI-722 Series instruments offer 16-bit, 50kHz waveform recording capability. They communicate through your PC's parallel port in EPP, bi-directional, or standard mode. Other optional communication interfaces include USB and Ethernet.

Distributed and Synchronous Ethernet Data Acquisition

Daisy chain multiple DI-722-ENs, DI-720-ENs, and/or DI-730-ENs for a fully synchronous distributed Ethernet Data Acquisition System. Learn more here.

Extended Measurement Ranges and Enhanced Front Ends

The DI-722 Series provides 32 differential inputs that feature an amplifier per channel. This rugged design allows measurement ranges of ±2.5, ±5, ±10, and ±20 volts full scale, programmable per channel, with 120V RMS overvoltage protection (other custom measurement ranges are also available). An amplifier per channel dramatically reduces channel crosstalk compared to other multiplexed systems. These features allow the DI-722 Series to be used with confidence and security in any application where measurements exceed ±10 volts full scale, and where the potential for an accidental high-voltage (up to 120V RMS) connection exists

Printer Port, USB, or Ethernet Interface

DI-722 Series instruments are available with printer port, Ethernet, and universal serial bus (USB) communication interfaces. All instruments have a 25-pin printer port connector for EPP, bi-directional, or standard mode parallel port communication with your PC. Options add Ethernet communication capability with a 10base-T Ethernet connector, or a USB port for universal serial bus communication. The optional communication interfaces cannot be used concurrently with the printer port.

50kHz Burst Sampling A/D

Connect to DC or near DC signals like temperature, generator-based RPM, and other slow process variables. Sample rates well into the sub-Hertz range are possible. Use sample rates as high as 50,000 Hz for high speed applications such as modulated DC drives and other AC waveform situations.

High Resolution Capability

DI-722 instruments apply 16- bits of resolution to your measurement task.

Easy to Connect and Use

All instruments connect in seconds to your PC's parallel port, Ethernet connector, or USB port using the supplied cable. Connect your input signals to the DAS-16 compatible, 37-pin "D" connectors. Or use the optional DI-205, which provides convenient 5-way binding posts (banana jacks) for signal connection. Also available are the DI-705, the DI-706, and the CABL-4 signal interface options

Expansion Flexibility

Expand the analog channel capacity of DI-722 Series instruments now or anytime in the future with our DI-75B or DI-78B, signal conditioned analog input backpacks that allow you to make any conceivable industrial measurement with full isolation.

Custom Range Configurations

Since the DI-722's extended measurement range channels use an amplifier per channel, many custom ranges can be configured for minimal additional cost. Contact us with your special requirements and let us quote a system that's perfectly suited for your application.

Includes WinDaq Software

Be up and running minutes out of the box with WinDaq acquisition and playback software. WinDaq/Lite software is included free with the purchase of every DI-722 instrument. WinDaq/Lite operates at a maximum throughput recording rate of 240 Hz with a DI-722 Instrument. Purchase WinDaq/Pro or WinDaq/Pro+ to record at the full sample rate. See the differences between all 3 versions of WinDaq Acquisition Software.

WinDaq Waveform Browser, our playback and analysis software for Windows, is distributed free with WinDaq/Lite and is included free with every WinDaq/Pro or WinDaq/Pro+ purchase. It is also available for download free-of-charge from this Web site. Use it to review, measure, compare, and analyze the waveform file after it has been recorded by WinDaq acquisition software. WinDaq software products support up to 14 bits of measurement resolution.