Cloud-based Device Management for EL-WiFi Data Loggers

When you setup any EL-WiFi product you have the option of managing the data logger locally from a PC running a Windows OS and located on the same subnet as the logger, or to perform management via a cloud server using Files Thru The Air™ technology. Cloud server management with Files Thru The Air™ offers the flexibility of managing and monitoring any number of devices from any location in the world with your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop running any operating system and using only a web browser.

Cloud-based device management using Files Through the Air technology

Files Thru The Air™ Cloud Management Features

Files Thru The Air™ technology puts you in control of your data. Local management is out, and remote management is in – from any location using any device that has a web browser:

Tiered Cloud Management Features and pricing

Email Alerts Unlimited
Email Alerts
100/Month Yes Yes
Data Storage Unlimited
Data Storage
45 Days Yes Yes
Devices Unlimited
2 Yes Yes
Data Storage Device Audit Trail
(Title 21 CFR Part 11)
No No Yes
Export Device Data Export
Device Data
No Yes Yes
Print Print
Device Data
No Yes Yes
User Management User Management and
Privileges Assignments
No No Yes
Locations and Time Zones Individual Locations
and Time Zones
No No Yes
Multiple Users Multiple
No No Yes
Email Alerts Email Alert
5 5 100
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