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WDQ2TDM File Conversion UtilityWinDaq to TDM (WDQ2TDM) File Conversion Utility
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The WDQ2TDM utility program creates a TDM (test data exchange format) xml header file (with a .tdm file extension) for a WinDaq data file (.wdq) allowing you to use any program to analyze WinDaq data that supports the .tdm file format.

WDQ2TDM conversion utility flowchart

Please Note: The WDQ2TDM Utility does NOT support WinDaq/Pro+ files where the channels are sampled at different rates.

Please Note: This utility requires Microsoft .NET. If the utility does not work you may need to install or re-install the .Net framework. Go to to install.

Applications that support the TDM format:

  • HBM NCode
  • National Instruments LabVIEW
  • National Instruments DIAdem
  • National Instruments DasyLab
  • MathWorks MatLab (with add-on)
  • Microsoft Excel (with add-on)
  • OpenOffice Calc (with add-on)

Operating Instructions

The utility is very easy to use:

  1. Open the utility program (double-click on the wdq2tdm.exe program icon).
    wdq to tdm
  2. Click on the File > Open menu item.
  3. Use the Open dialog box to select the WinDaq data file for which you would like to create a .tdm header file. You can select the file two ways:
    1. Double-click on the file.
    2. Click on the file then click on the Open button.
  4. Select multiple files to create .tdm headers by holding down the Shift (contiguous files) or Control keys.
  5. Once the header file has been converted you will see confirmation in the main WDQ2TDM program window and the program will re-open the Open dialog box.
  6. After all the desired .tdm header files have been created, close the Open dialog box by clicking on the Cancel button
  7. Click on the File > Exit menu item to close the utility program.
  8. Open the .tdm header file with your preferred analysis program (the tdm header file can be manually edited using any xml editor).

Please Note: The WinDaq file and the TDM header file must be kept in the same directory in order to access the data using your analysis program.