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Delayed Trigger of WinDaq ExcelLink

WinDaq ExcelLink bridges WinDaq software with Microsoft Excel. Using WinDaq ExcelLink will allow you to use Excel to analyze WinDaq data in real time by taking WinDaq waveform data and moving it directly to a user-selected range of cells in Excel.

Even though today's Excel can store over 1,000,000 rows of data, it is still a small buffer for high speed data aquisition unless trigger modes are utilized so that only data of interests is captured. ExcelLink supports advanced math to construct various trigger methods and every data point in WinDaq is examed when evaluating the trigger conditions. Here Delayed Trigger method will be discussed.


Delayed Trigger is common in logic analyzer and oscilloscope. Instead of focusing on the data near a trigger point, the data of interest is at a certain delay after the trigger point.


To use this feature, add the notation DELAY= after the trigger expreesion. After this notation, there are two formats available, First is to delay in terms of WinDaq sampling interval, which is accurated down to the sampling interval, add the number of interval directly, such as "CH1>2, DELAY=2000". In this example, if WinDaq is sampling at 1ms sampling interval, the actually trigger point will be 2000 ms after channel 1 passes 2. Second is to delay in terms of second, which is calculated based on WinDaq sample rate, add the seconds with "SEC" at the end, such as "CH1>2, DELAY=2.3SEC". In this example, if WinDaq is sampling at 0.5 second interval, the actual trigger point will be 2 seconds after channel 1 passes 2, since 2 seconds is the best this WinDaq configuration can do.