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XControls Demonstration Download

About the DATAQ XControls Demonstration

  • The download is provided with an uninstall program that will completely remove all traces of the demo from your system when run!
  • The components are functional! Click on the buttons on the left to display whole groups of components. When you display controls, the switches can be switched, the sliders can be slid and the knobs can be turned. When you display components that are not controls, they will move in response to a random number generator. (This applies to components like thermometers, gauges, and LED indicators.)
  • Professional Pack components are indicated. When you click on each button to reveal a display of components, the ones that only come with the Professional Pack, not the Instrument Pack, are clearly labeled.
  • You can experiment with sample applications! Under the Sample Applications heading, you can choose from Temp Control or Audio. In both of these samples, you can change set points to see how a component might look in your application.
  • It includes a DI-194 application! If you have a DI-194 starter kit, the demonstration includes built-in facilities for acquiring data from the DI-194, adjusting sample rate and the number of channels. The application supports display of analog data as a digital number or plot. It also displays the state of the digital input ports.