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These Files will not work with Windows 3.1. As of July, 2004, Windows 95 Help (.HLP) is no longer updated. HTML Help requires IE4 or better.

WinDaq Acquisition Software
DI-145 (di145ant.chm 18.5MB 7/12/12)
DI-149 (di149ant.chm 16MB 7/12/12)
DI-155 (di155ant.chm 12.3MB 7/12/12)
All other products (di200ac.chm 11.8MB 7/12/12
WinDaq Waveform Browser
(Playback) Software
14MB Updated 7/12/12
View Online (html)
ActiveX Help Files
721KB Updated 7/10/12
1.5MB Updated 6/5/12
DATAQ Instruments Hardware Manager
1.4MB Updated 3/10/11
DI-1000TC Configuration Software
148KB Updated 5/18/07
DATAQ Instruments TCP/IP Manager
772KB Updated 11/9/07
WinDaq Waveform Browser Navigator
659KBB Updated 5/18/07

Instructions: Download the linked zip file for the product help you would like to update. Replace the file with the same name on your PC (usually located at C:\Windows\Help).

If you installed the software before July, 2003, it is suggested that you update all of your WinDaq Software to ensure you get the most up-to-date Applications and Help Files. To upgrade click on the links below.

Note: Older versions of WinDaq/Pro/Pro+ may require you to purchase an upgrade.

WinDaq Acquisition Software (WinDaq/Lite/Pro/Pro+) WinDaq Waveform Browser (Playback - WWB)