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DATAQ's DI-725 Expansion Unit cuts cost/Channel for High-Performance Data Acquisition Tasks

AKRON, OH, April 15, 1999 — DATAQ Instruments introduces a 32-channel analog expansion unit for its line of data acquisition systems that allows users to cut their cost/channel for high-end acquisition and signal conditioning to as low as $30 per channel.

The new Model DI-725, designed to extend channel counts for the company's DI-400, DI-720 and DI-730 systems, lowers the cost per channel by as much as 75 percent, depending on the configuration. The unit features 32 differential analog inputs, a programmable gain amplifier and a +10V full scale measurement range.

The DI-725 is able to connect to a wide range of voltage and process current signals. Used with a DI-400, the DI-725 provides a total of 46 channels, cutting the cost/channel to $37 from 62; with a DI-720, the unit provides 62 total channels, cutting the cost/channel to $30 from $37; and when used with a DI-730, the DI-725 adds 32 high-level differential channels to the 730's eight wide measurement range inputs, for a total of forty channels and a cost/channel of $92, from $374.

Key Product Features

The DI-725 also features:

The DI-725 is priced at $695 US. Availability is from stock.

About DATAQ Instruments

DATAQ Instruments, Inc., based in Akron, Ohio, is a leading producer of PC-based, real-time data acquisition hardware and software. DATAQ supplies the PC-based instrumentation needs for medical, research, and industrial test and measurement customers. For more information on the DI-725 Data Acquisition Expansion unit, call DATAQ Instruments at 330-668-1444 or write to: DATAQ Instruments, Inc., 241 Springside Drive, Akron, OH 44333-2473, or visit our Web site at E-mail requests for information to

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