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DI-900 Modbus Distributed Data Acquisition


Multi-Channel Discrete I/O Modules
Active-High Inputs Sourcing Outputs (High-Side Switching)

Data Sheet


Product Highlights

These modules provide twelve discrete input and/or output channels. Isolation separates the I/O, power, and network circuits. Network communication adheres to the industry-standard RS-485 Modbus RTU protocol. Both AC and DC power sources are supported with wide range, nonpolarized, diode-coupled terminals.

The outputs are intended for current-sourcing or high-side switching applications. The buffered inputs are active-high. These models are the complement of the DI-901MB, DI-902MB, and DI-903MB units which have low-side output switches and active-low inputs. Socketed pull-down resistors are easily removed or exchanged to satisfy your application requirements. See the Circuit Connection Diagrams.

Combining flexible I/O types, wide I/O ranges, and a network interface in a single package, makes this instrument extremely powerful. Multi-channel design adds cost-efficiency and allows high-density mounting. Plus, safe, rugged construction makes these modules reliable for use in both control room and distributed field I/O applications. Custom module configurations are also possible (consult factory for details).

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