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WinDaq Data Acquisition Software

For DI-148, DI-158, DI-710, DI-715B, DI-718B, and DI-718Bx Instruments

The file you are about to download can be used to install either WinDaq/HS or WinDaq/Lite recording software. WinDaq/HS is password protected. You must provide a key to record at rates over 1108 Hz using a DI-71x products or 240Hz using a DI-148 or DI-158 product. If you do not have a key, contact Dataq Instruments at (330) 668-1444 or order online.

This file supports DI-148-U, DI-158, DI-710, DI-715B, DI-718B, and DI-718Bx instruments.

The following file is a self-extracting executable, simply click on the link to start the download process. Create a new directory on your hard disk named disk1 and place the downloaded file in this new directory. When the download is complete, run the executable (the .exe file) to extract the individual program files.

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Please Note: Be sure to completely UNINSTALL WinDaq software before installing this upgrade.

Revision 3.96

Download WinDaq Application and Device Drivers

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