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How to Acquire Pressure Data Using a 4-20mA Pressure Transmitter

As mentioned in an earlier post, acquiring pressure data is a common and important data acquisition application. Whether you’re dealing with air, fuel or water, pressure data can be an invaluable decision-making resource. In this application note, we’ll demonstrate the ease with which you can acquire pressure data using a 0-100 psig 4-20 mA pressure Read More

Enable/Disable Universal (UTC) Time in Stand-Alone Mode

This blog post applies to data loggers using firmware version 1.39 or later. The option to unselect ‘Display UTC time’ is not available for loggers using firmware version 1.38 or earlier. To update your firmware to version 1.39 or later, follow the instructions at: While Universal (UTC) time is a helpful tool when it Read More

New WinDaq Dashboard

You asked for… …a quick way to view all WinDaq-compatible instruments connected to your PC. …an easy way to run multiple instruments as independent WinDaq applications. …a simplified approach to acquire ChannelStretch™ -compatible instruments to one WinDaq application. You asked, and we delivered. Introducing the WinDaq Dashboard Our new WinDaq Dashboard delivers ease-of-use and simplicity. It Read More

Send Text Alerts Using the DI-808 Web-based Data Logger

Not only can you email data and alarm alerts using the DI-808 web-based logger, you can also send text alerts to your mobile phone or tablet. All major carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.) have designated email addresses that can be used to send text messages via an outgoing mail server (email-to-sms). To send a text Read More

Microsoft Edge Bug Workaround for Model DI-808

There’s a bug in the Microsoft Edge web browser that prevents the program from working properly with DATAQ Instruments’ model DI-808 Web Data Logger. The problem manifests itself when you attempt to connect to the DI-808 using Edge with a direct connection (no router involvement) and by using the DI-808’s factory default address of Read More

Saving Multiple WinDaq Setups

You can save a single WinDaq setup using the ‘Save Default Setup’ feature. But what if you’re using your data acquisition instrument in several different applications? How do you avoid having to painstakingly enable channels, enter calibration information and re-label each channel, every time you move on to a new project? Fortunately, there is a solution. Read More

GL240 and GL840 E-mail Alerts

The B-568 wireless option gives Graphtec GL840 and GL240 users the ability to send an E-mail alert when an alarm condition is detected, when WiFi signal strength is weak, when the battery is low (in stand-alone mode), or when the SD memory card is nearly full. Email Alarm Notification These instructions assume that you’ve already Read More

Stumbling Blocks to Stand-alone Data Logging

Data Acquisition > Stand-alone DATAQ Instruments’ DI-710, DI-718B and DI-718Bx series data loggers include a stand-alone option. A built-in SD memory card slot allows you to acquire data to a standard SD card (2GB max. capacity), without being tethered to a PC. When setting up your instrument to acquire data in stand-alone mode, there are Read More

Transmitting Data From Your EL-WIFI Series Data Logger

Data Logger > Wireless > EL-WiFi Series There’s been some confusion with with regard to EL-WIFI series data loggers and the way that they transmit temperature & humidity data back to the PC. In order for an EL-WIFI series logger to remain connected and continually transmitting data, the logger must be in range of the wireless Read More

How to Manage Dynamic IP Addresses In Data Acquisition Applications Over the Internet

Data Acquisition > Ethernet Introduction One of the most exciting applications for DI-71X (DI-710, -715B, -718B) Ethernet products is to acquire data from anywhere in the world over the Internet. Although setting up IP addresses is a straightforward procedure in this situation, the approach potentially suffers from one troubling flaw: IP addresses assigned by an Read More