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Enable/Disable Universal (UTC) Time in Stand-Alone Mode


This blog post applies to data loggers using firmware version 1.39 or later. The option to unselect ‘Display UTC time’ is not available for loggers using firmware version 1.38 or earlier.

To update your firmware to version 1.39 or later, follow the instructions at:

While Universal (UTC) time is a helpful tool when it comes to regulating clocks around the world, it’s also a useful point of reference when acquiring data. For example, say a technician in New York City is acquiring pressure data at ten o’clock in the morning (Eastern Standard Time). In London, where his supervisor is eagerly awaiting that data, it’s two o’clock in the afternoon (British Summer Time). If we generate date/time stamps in Universal time, both the technician and the supervisor have a common point of reference with respect to time!

Of course, not everyone acquiring data in New York City (or someplace else) has a colleague overseas waiting on that information. We understand that it may be more practical to generate date/time stamps in local time.

Fortunately, with the release of the latest WinDaq Dashboard, you can make that determination for yourself.

A new checkbox in Stand Alone Setup allows you to enable or disable the Universal (UTC) time option (as shown below).

Enable/Disable Universal (UTC) Time

How to Enable/Disable the UTC Time Option

You can leave the ‘Display UTC time’ option checked to include UTC date/time stamps (the default setting), or uncheck the option to display date/time stamps in local time. Note that this is for date/time stamps included in CSV format, only. WinDaq (WDH) files will always use UTC time internally.


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