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DI-2108 USB DAQ (Data Acquisition) .Net Class


DATAQ Instruments, Inc. announces the immediate availability of an advanced .Net class for its DI-2108 High-speed, 16-bit USB Data Acquisition (DAQ) with Anti-alias filters. The class taps all of the instrument’s data acquisition functionality.










DI-2108 .Net Class Feature List

  • Eight analog inputs, with these over-sampling selections per channel
    • Anti-alias filter
    • Minimum
    • Maximum
    • Last point (no over-sampling)
  • Device sampling rate
  • Over-sampling decimation factor
  • Seven digital ports with these configurations per port
    • Input
    • Switch (output)
  • Rate input (digital port 2)
    • 12 programmable rate ranges from 10 Hz to 50 kHz
  • Rate moving average filter
  • Count input (digital port 3)
    • Terminal count 16,384
  • LED color control
  • Asynchronous digital outputs

The .Net class provides a well-commented VB.Net program that exercises all class features and is a suitable foundation for your own, application-specific requirements. The class is offered without charge and can be downloaded from:

DATAQ Instruments SDK.Net Library


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