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DI-2108 USB Daq Preview


We’re excited to preview a new USB data acquisition (DAQ) instrument slated for a March/April 2016 release. Model DI-2108 is an advanced instrument with unparalleled price/performance. While we can’t yet give you all the details of this remarkable product, here’s a sneak peek at some of its general performance metrics:

DI-2108 USB Data Acquisition (DAQ) System Major Features

  • Eight armored analog differential inputs
    • Fixed measurement range of ±10 V full scale
    • Up to ±100 V without damage
    • 80 dB common mode rejection
  • Adaptable anti-alias filter per channel
    • Corner frequency set as a function of sampling rate
  • Up to 16-bit analog-to-digital resolution
  • Up to 160 kHz sample throughput rate
  • Seven digital I/O ports
    • Programmable per port as input or switch
    • Support for frequency measurements to 50 kHz
    • Support for 16-bit counter
    • External trigger input
  • Wide-ranging software support includes:

The DI-2108 leverages the power of its on-board 120 MIPS (million instruction per second)  processor with a floating point instruction set to deliver incredible performance at a very low cost. And what we save in cost we always pass on to you in the form of a lower selling price. The DI-2108 will be a single PCB housed in a new low-profile box, and it’s CE-approved for sale to EU countries.

WinDaq software screen capture of a sweeping sine wave applied to the DI-2108 USB data acquisition system. The affect of the products’s anti-alias filters is clearly shown.

Check back often as we provide many updates to keep you abreast of new DI-2108 details, including more specs, pricing and availability.


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