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Wireless Capability for GL240 and GL840 Series Instruments


Additional reading and product details:
GL240 data logger
GL840-M data logger (60 V isolation)
GL840-WV data logger (300 V isolation)

The B-568 wireless option for Graphtec GL240 and GL840 series loggers allows for the following:

Wireless Communication with a PC or Smartphone

Peer-to-peer communication with a PC (configured as an access point or as a router-managed device), allows you to monitor your GL240 or GL840 wirelessly, in real-time, by entering it’s IP address in a web browser such as Internet Explorer, or using the included GL100_240_840-APS software.

wireless capabilityA smartphone app allows you to monitor your GL240 or GL840 on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Email Alerts

With a wireless connection the GL240 or GL840 can be configured to send email alarm notification when values on any channel rise above or fall below user-defined alarm levels.

In addition, email notifications can be sent when the batter is low, when WiFi signal strength is weak, or when the onboard SD memory card is almost full.

Periodic Notification

Periodic notification can be sent via email as well. A periodic notification is essentially a report, containing the current value of each enabled channel. The GL240 or GL840 can be configured to send notifications at pre-defined intervals, from once an hour to once every 12 hours, or at specific user-defined intervals.

Automatic FTP Backups

With the wireless option, the GL240 or GL840 can be configured to automatically back-up data on the SD memory card to an FTP server. Predefined back-up intervals from once an hour to once every 24 hours are available.

Connect to the GL100-WL Wireless Coupler

You can expand the measurement capability of the GL240 or GL840 by connecting the wireless GL100-WL coupler. The GL100-WL gives you wireless access to GS series sensors, expanding the measurement capability of GL240 and GL840 to include support for thermistors, acceleration measurements, CO2, illuminance, or ultra violet levels.wireless capability


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