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SDK .Net Class (Beta)

Solutions for .NET Programming Environments

DATAQ Instruments .Net Control
  • FREE Download
  • .Net control communicates directly with your DATAQ Instruments device using any .Net programming language
  • Detailed sample programs included in the installation to help you get started quickly
  • Fully documented help files included with installation
  • Supports all contemporary USB data acquisition instruments.
  • Supported functions include (device-dependent):
    • Connected device discovery
    • Analog in
    • Digital in
    • Counter in
    • Frequency in
    • Digital out
    • Scaled and unscaled data
  • Requires .NET Version 4

* Includes example programs that tap all hardware features, including ChannelStretchâ„¢ where supported.

Who Should Use the SDK .Net Control Library?

  • Anyone wanting to program their DATAQ Instruments starter kit in the .NET environment
  • Anyone who needs to control a process using digital or analog outputs
  • Anyone who wants to acquire data without any restrictions imposed by WinDaq Acquisition and Playback software

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