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Introducing the GL840 Data Logger


DATAQ Instruments is pleased to introduce the third-generation GL840 data logger. Replacing the now obsolete GL820, the GL840 features 20 isolated analog channels, with optional expansion up to 200. Each channel can be individually configured to acquire voltage from ±20mV to ±100V full scale, or temperature, with support for K, J, E, T, R, S, B and N-type thermocouples, as well as 3-wire PT100 or PT1000 RTDs. In addition, four discreet channels can be configured as logic or pulse inputs.

A connection for GS series sensors expands the measurement capability of the GL840 data logger to include support for thermistors, acceleration measurements, CO2, illuminance and ultraviolet levels.

A wireless communication option allows the GL840 to operate as a router-managed device on your local area network, or as a wireless access point for peer-to-peer communication with a PC, smartphone or a GL100 wireless coupler. The GL100 wireless coupler allows for wireless access to GS series sensors.

Two versions of the GL840 are available, providing isolation up to 60V or 300V.

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