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EasyLog EL-USB Data Logger Series Overview

Low-cost, compact, battery-operated data loggers

Product Features

  • Programmable high and low alarm thresholds.
  • All data is recorded to built-in, non-volatile memory (except the EL-USB-RT). EasyLog EL-USB data loggers do not lose readings when the battery is discharged or replaced.
  • Automatic time and date stamping of logged data.
  • Program the logger to begin recording immediately, or at a specific date and time.
  • Bright, multi-color LEDs indicate status and alarm conditions during logging.
  • Built-in USB interface for easy setup using any PC.
  • Built-in, replaceable lithium battery (provided).
  • Intrinsic isolation for voltage and current measurements.
  • Removable cover protects the USB interface.
  • Removable clip secures the instrument during transport or deployment.
  • EasyLog EL-USB application software for data logger setup, data download, and analysis.

EasyLog model EL-USB series products are a line of low cost, compact, battery-operated data loggers with built-in memory and USB interface. Each product in the line offers a specific measurement function and range (see table).

Products in the Series


EasyLog EL-USB Products for Any Application

From temperature and humidity to carbon monoxide trending, there's an EasyLog EL-USB data logger that's right for you:

Measurement Model EL-USB
Function Range -LITE -1 -1-LCD -1-RCG -1-PRO -2 -2+ -2-LCD -2-LCD+ -3 -4 -5 -ACT -TC -TC-LCD -TP-LCD -CO -RT
Temperature -10 to +50°C
(+14 to +122°F)
EL-USB-LITE Data Logger                                  
Temperature -35 to +80°C
(-31 to +176°F)
  EL-USB-1 Data Logger  checkmark                              
Temperature -20 to +60°C
(-4 to +140°F)
      EL-USB-1 Data Logger                             
Temperature -40 to +125°C
(-40 to +257°F)
        EL-USB-1-PRO Data Logger                     EL-USB-1-PRO Data Logger    
temperature, dew point
0 to 100% RH
-35 to +80°C
(-31 to +176°F)
          EL-USB-2 Data Logger* EL-USB-2+ Data Logger*

EL-USB-2-LCD Data Logger*

EL-USB-2-LCD+ Data Logger*                  
Voltage 0 to 30 VDC                    EL-USB-3 Data Logger                
Process current 4 to 20 mA                      EL-USB-4 Data Logger              
Event, State, Count 3-28 VDC                       EL-USB-4 Data Logger            
Current -1000 to 1000 mV                          checkmark          
(no display)
-130 to +900°C (J)
-200 to +1300°C (K)
-200 to +350°C (T)
                           EL-USB-TC Data Logger        
(with display)
-100 to +900°C (J)
-200 to +1300°C (K)
-200 to +400°C (T)
                            EL-USB-TC-LCD Data Logger      
Carbon monoxide 0 to 1000 ppm                                  EL-USB-CO Data Logger  

*EL-USB-2+ provides higher accuracy measurements than the EL-USB-2 and the EL-USB-2-LCD.

Easy to Program and Deploy

Getting an EasyLog EL-USB Data Logger product ready to acquire data is simple:

  1. Remove the protective USB cover.
  2. Plug the instrument into any convenient USB port.
    EL-USB-1 Data Logger in USB port
  3. Program the data logger with the provided EasyLog EL-USB software:
    • Give the logger a unique name (convenient when deploying multiple units).
    • Select the required sample rate.
    • Select high and/or low alarm thresholds.
    • Select the specific date and time to begin logging.

EasyLog EL-USB Data Logger Configuration Software

Now remove the data logger from the USB port, replace the USB cover, and deploy the instrument wherever you need it.

Easy to Upload and Analyze Data

Whether you want to review stored data using the supplied application or using Microsoft Excel, getting meaningful results from recorded data is fast and easy:

EL-USB Data Logger Software Screenshot csv file

  1. Remove the protective USB cover.
  2. Plug the instrument back into the PC's USB port.
  3. Use EasyLog EL-USB software to stop recording, access the instrument's stored data, and save it to a file that you name on the PC, all in one easy operation. The file format is Excel-compatible.
  4. Immediately EasyLog's EL-USB Graph utility is enabled to display all the stored data in one compressed view.
  5. A cursor allows you to determine signal magnitude and time and date of acquisition for any value, and a magnifier utility allows you to zoom in for a closer look over any range — Easy and fast.
  6. For more custom analysis and report generation, simply import the stored data file to Microsoft Excel for virtually unlimited flexibility in how you view and interpret your results.

EL-USB Data Logger Software export to Excel screenshot