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Data Loggers that measure both temperature and humidity.

Introducing the EL-BT-2 Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

DATAQ Instruments is pleased to introduce the EL-BT-2. A Bluetooth-enabled temperature and humidity data logger, the EL-BT-2 is capable of logging ambient temperature from -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F) and relative humidity from 0 to 100%, at sample intervals from 10 seconds to 1 hour. A free app, downloadable from the Google play store, Read More

Transmitting Data From Your EL-WIFI Series Data Logger

Data Logger > Wireless > EL-WiFi Series There’s been some confusion with with regard to EL-WIFI series data loggers and the way that they transmit temperature & humidity data back to the PC. In order for an EL-WIFI series logger to remain connected and continually transmitting data, the logger must be in range of the wireless Read More

Changes to the Built-in Temperature Alert Server

Data Logger > Wireless > Temperature Alert There have been some changes to the server, built into the Temperature Alert TM-WIFI350 LAN-based temperature and humidity data logger. In the past, when typing the IP address of your TM-WIFI logger into a web browser, you were directed to ‘Developer Mode’. In Developer Mode you can set alarms, Read More

Flood Sensor for Temperature Alert

Data Logger > Wireless > Temperature Alert The AC-FLDRJ is a flood sensor designed for use with the Temperature Alert TM-WIFI-350 LAN-based temperature and humidity data logger. Measuring just 2.5” x 3.25” x 1”, simply lay the sensor on a flat surface to detect the presence of conductive, non-flammable liquids. Built-in feet on the bottom Read More

EL-WIFI-Alert Alarm Indicator

Data Logger > Wireless > EL-WiFi Series The stand-alone EL-WIFI-Alert alarm indicator is an add-on for EL-WIFI series temperature and humidity data loggers. The EL-WIFI-Alert produces an audible and visual alert when an alarm level on any of your EL-WIFI temperature and humidity data loggers (installed on the same wireless network) is breached. Note that Read More

Lascar’s ‘Files Thru the Air’ Technology

Data Logger > Wireless Data Loggers > EL-WiFi Series Users can manage and monitor any number EL-WIFI series instruments remotely… Lascar’s ‘Files Thru the Air’ technology allows those using EL-WIFI series instruments to store data to the cloud. Users can manage and monitor any number EL-WIFI series instruments remotely, using a web browser on their PC Read More

New High Accuracy Wireless EL-WiFi Data Loggers Now Available

Data Logger > Lascar > EL-WiFi Series Higher Accuracy Wireless Data Loggers (EL-WiFi) from Lascar Available Immediately EL-WiFi-T+ Measures Ambient Temperature -20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F) EL-WiFi-TH+ Measures Ambient Temperature/RH -20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F) /0 to 100%RH EL-WiFi-TP+ Measures Temperature with Probe -40 to +125°C (-40 to +257°F) DATAQ Instruments is proud Read More

The EL-EnviroPad-TC in Action

Data Logger > Lascar > EL-EnviroPad-TC Witness the EL-EnviroPad-TC in action! Check out the EL-EnviroPad-TC, courtesy of Vine! — DATAQ Instruments (@DATAQ_Inst) March 13, 2013 Click here for more on the EL-EnviroPad-TC.  Follow Us

EL-USB Series Data Loggers and Calibration

Data Logger > Lascar Recently, there’s been some confusion when it comes to calibration and EL series temperature data loggers. The fact that we offer a NIST traceable calibration certificate (sold separately) has led some to believe that a certificate must be purchased in order for the logger to be calibrated. On the contrary, EL Read More

Using the HMP60 Temperature and Humidity Sensor with a DI-718B, DI-718Bx or DI-788 and a DI-8B43 Amplifier

Data Acquisition > Temperature and Humidity > HMP60 For years, the HMP60 Temperature and Humidity sensor was used primarily with DI-710 series instruments. The DI-710 was (and still is) able to provide the necessary supply voltage (5 to 28VDC) and acquire both 0 to 2.5VDC outputs (-40 to 60°C and 0-100% RH). With the recent Read More