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DI-2008 Thermocouple, mV, V, Pulse DAQ Preview

DATAQ Instruments is excited to announce the pending availability of our model DI-2008 USB data acquisition (DAQ) instrument, slated for March, 2017. This new instrument offers affordable and expandable measurement flexibility with full analog channel isolation that’s so critical for successful measurements in any situation. Follow along and learn why this low-cost data acquisition system supplies Read More

Data Logger Features Built-in Web Server

 Model DI-808 Data Logger Features an Access-anywhere Design DATAQ Instruments is proud to announce the latest addition to its product line, model DI-808 Web-based data logger. This exciting product offers a new concept in data logging with its built-in, intelligent web server. In brief, the DI-808 Web data logger can be used by any device with Read More

Dual-Channel Wireless Temperature Data Loggers

Data Logger > Wireless DATAQ Instruments is pleased to introduce the EL-WIFI-DTC and EL-WIFI-DTP+. These dual-channel wireless (802.11b compliant) temperature data loggers are capable of buffering over 1,000,000 temperature readings and transmitting that data to a PC via a WiFi router. The EL-WIFI-DTC can acquire temperature from -270 to 1300°C (-454 to 2372°F) using J, Read More

Sub-zero Thermocouple Measurements

Data Logger > Thermocouple “One of the best kept secrets in the instrumentation world is that sub-zero thermocouple measurements require thermocouples that are specially qualified for that application.” Looking at the specs of a typical thermocouple data acquisition system might be a little misleading when it comes to interpreting temperature measurement capability. For example Figure 1 is a Read More

Data Acquisition Tips and Techniques

Data Acquisition > Mixed Measurements A Guide To Data Acquisition Signal Input Configuration Does a thermocouple signal require isolation? Should the output of a strain gage amplifier be connected as a single-ended or differential input? Is a differential input always a better choice than a single-ended configuration? These fundamental instrumentation questions may not be easy Read More

Thermocouple Measurements Profile Cement Curing Characteristics of Prosthetic Implants

Data Acquisition > Thermocouple > DI-1000TC Introduction It’s obvious that prosthetic implants have changed the lives of countless thousands for the better. Knee, hip, and shoulder replacements are common surgeries today, substituting diseased or damaged joints with synthetic materials that allay pain and simultaneously restore mobility and quality of life. Not as obvious is the Read More

How To Connect and Calibrate Thermocouples Using DI-8B47 Series Amplifiers

Data Acquisition > Thermocouple Thanks to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), thermocouple wire is color coded to indicate thermocouple type and polarity. This takes the guesswork out of connecting thermocouple wires to your DI-718B, DI-718Bx, or DI-788. In this example, we’ll show you how to connect and calibrate a K-type thermocouple using a DI-718B, Read More

Thermocouple Data Logger Features Touch Display

Data Logger > Thermocouple > EL-EnviroPad-TC New EL-EnviroPad-TC Thermocouple Data Logger DATAQ Instruments is proud to release model EL-EnviroPad-TC, a thermocouple data logger that features battery operation, a huge data storage memory, and a built-in touch-sensitive color display. Designed for on-the-go measurements, the EL-EnviroPad-TC supports both snap-shot and long term data logger operating modes. Compatible Read More

Learn How to Connect and Calibrate Thermocouples Using DI-8B47 Series Amplifiers

Data Acquisition > Thermocouple Check out out updated application note, covering the connection and calibration of thermocouples using DI-8B47 series signal conditioners. You’ll find step-by-step instructions on properly connecting thermocouples to your DI-718B, DI-718Bx or DI-788 series instrument. In addition, we’ll show you how to scale WinDaq to display engineering units (C or F) using the new ‘Engineering Unit Read More

Maximum Thermocouple Wire Length

Data Acquisition > Thermocouple We commonly hear, “What’s the maximum thermocouple wire length I can use with your instrument?” That’s a good question. There are two factors that affect TC cable length: 1. Noise 2. Inaccuracy The longer the cable the more susceptible it is to radiated noise. The TC represents a low impedance source, Read More