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DI-5001 OEM Data Acquisition Boards - OBSOLETE

with FREE WinDaq Software

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The DI-5001 is a fully integrated OEM instrument that provides 32 single-ended or 16 differential analog input channels. The DI-5001 conveniently connects to the printer port of any desktop or portable PC and supports standard, bi-directional, and EPP parallel port modes. Its built-in ADC allows sample rates of once per second to 250,000 samples per second in either triggered or continuous modes. It features two analog outputs with a range of ±10V, and eight each digital inputs and outputs. Signal connections are made directly to the two 40-pin headers. The DI-5001 is offered with your choice of two input measurement ranges: ±10 volts full scale or ±5 volts full scale. Input measurement ranges are as follows:

±10 Volts Full Scale ±5 Volts Full Scale
±10V at a gain of 1 ±5V at a gain of 1
±5V at a gain of 2 ±2.5V at a gain of 2
±2.5V at a gain of 4 ±1.25V at a gain of 4
±1.25V at a gain of 8 ±0.625V at a gain of 8

Connect To Any PC

The DI-5001 connects to the standard, bi-directional, or enhanced parallel port (EPP) of desktop, laptop, or notebook PC's. Includes a six foot parallel port cable and adapter. Optional Ethernet and USB interfaces are available.

High-Level Signal Inputs

Each DI-5001 has 32 high-level input channels that can be configured as single-ended or differential on a per channel basis. It also features a jumper selectable measurement range of ±10V full scale or ±5V full scale. Channels are accessed through two 40-pin IDC connectors.

Includes WinDaq Software

Be up and running minutes out of the box with WinDaq acquisition and playback software. WinDaq software is included free with the purchase of every DI-5001 instrument. WinDaq/Lite operates at a maximum throughput recording rate of 240 Hz with a DI-5001 Instrument. Purchase Unlock Code WinDaq/Pro or Unlock Code WinDaq/Pro+ to record at the full sample rate. See the differences between all 3 versions of WinDaq Acquisition Software.

WinDaq Waveform Browser, our playback and analysis software for Windows, is distributed free with WinDaq and is included free with every WinDaq/Pro or WinDaq/Pro+ purchase. It is also available for download free-of-charge from this Web site. Use it to review, measure, compare, and analyze the waveform file after it has been recorded by WinDaq acquisition software. WinDaq software products support up to 14 bits of measurement resolution.