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DI-710 Series Bundles Save You Money

You can save big when you purchase your DI-710 data logger by selecting one of our Bundle offers. These combine popular hardware and software accessories with your DI-710 purchase to yield dramatic savings over purchasing each separately.

Bundle offers combine the following popular products with the indicated DI-710 models:

For both PC-connected and stand-alone DI-710 data loggers you get:

Record data at the highest speed of your data logger.WinDaq/HS, a $595 value

Break through the sample rate limitations of WinDaq software. WinDaq/HS allows real time stream-to-disk rates up to the 4,800 samples per second throughput rate supported by DI-710 hardware.

Port data acquired from you data logger directly to Excel.WinDaq/XL, a $99 value

WinDaq/XL is a transparent software bridge that allows data acquired by WinDaq/HS to be ported directly to an Excel spreadsheet in real time. One Excel column per acquired channel, one Excel row for each acquired point, watch as your spreadsheet fills with data, allowing you to make calculations and determinations in real time. WinDaq/XL also allows any range of acquired data to be ported instantly from WinDaq Playback software to Excel.

For stand-alone DI-710 data loggers you get:

Record directly to SD with your Data Logger.2GB SD Memory Card, a $45 value

Store massive amounts of data in the stand-alone configuration with our 2GB memory card. Use our Record Time Calculator to determine how long your recording session will last based on sample rate and the number of acquired channels.

Read data logger files from your SD card.SD Memory Card Reader, a $25 value

Perform fast and easy data transfers between your SD memory card and your computer. Our reader supports both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 for the ultimate in speed and efficiency.