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Model DI-789

Enhanced Ethernet Switch Expands Distance Between Synchronous Units over 100 meters apart

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  • Includes a DI-789 instrument, a power supply and adapter, and software on CD
  • Enhanced Ethernet switch expands distance between synchronous Ethernet units over 100 meters apart
  • Use with DI-720, DI-730, DI-785, and DI-788 Ethernet products
  • 12 VDC power adapter included.
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DI-789 Industrial Data Acquisition System


Model DI-789 repeater is a specialized Ethernet switch that is designed to work with DATAQ Instruments synchronized Ethernet products. Those products allow a number of data acquisition devices to be distributed with as much as 100 meters between units and still maintain high- or low-speed synchronous operation. The DI-789 repeater may be used when the distance between units exceeds 100 meters, or when ambient electrical noise renders long Ethernet runs unreliable.

The DI-789 is an enhanced Ethernet switch that is capable of managing the network to ensure that all data acquisition units in the chain remain synchronized. One or more DI-789s may be deployed with a maximum distance of 100 meters between other repeaters or data acquisition devices so that the maximum distance between a PC and one or more data acquisition units is virtually unlimited.

The DI-789 provides one each upstream and downstream RJ45 connector. Indicators consist of a power-on LED, and pair of LEDS that indicate upstream and downstream activity, and an LED that confirms network synchronization. The DI-789 is provided with an AC adaptor, and can also be powered from any 9-36VDC source.



CAT-5 Cable

CAT-5 Cable, one foot long


One-foot length CAT-5 Ethernet cable.


CAT-5 Cable

CAT-5 Cable, Seven Feet Long.


Seven-foot length CAT-5 Ethernet cable.


Interface and Connections
Type: Ethernet (RJ45)
Interface Connections: 2 (upstream synchronization and downstream synchronization)
Power: Standard DIN power connector (DC power supply provided)
Ground: Ground lug screw
Front Panel: Power LED (green)
Upstream Ethernet activity LED (green)
Downstream Ethernet activity LED (green)
Lost Synchronization LED (red)
Rear Panel: none
Voltage Range: 9-36 VDC
Power Requirements: < 5 Watts
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 70°C
Operating Humidity: 0 to 90% non-condensing
Storage Temperature: -40°C to 70°C
Storage Humidity: 0 to 90% non-condensing
Physical Characteristics
Enclosure: Aluminum base with steel wrap-around.
Aluminum end-panels with plastic bezels.
Dimensions: 5.4D × 4.1W × 1.5H in.
(13.81D × 10.48W × 3.81H cm.)
Weight: 14 oz. (397 grams)


Distributed Synchronous Data Acquisition
Distributed and Synchronized

Distributed Synchronous Ethernet data acquisition with DI-720/730 Systems.