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Model EL-EnviroPad-TC (Discontinued)

Single-channel, Thermocouple Data Logger with touch-screen display

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  • Includes an EL-EnviroPad-TC data logger, a 1-meter USB cable, a 1-meter K-type thermocouple probe, and downloadable software (CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE sold separately under ACCESSORIES tab and must be ordered at time of purchase)
  • Stand-alone, battery-powered data logger for a single thermocouple-based measurement
  • -100 to +1400 °C (-148 to 2552 °F) measurement range with high/low alarms
  • Supports J-,K-,N- and T-type thermocouples
  • Built-in, color, 2.8-inch touch display allows measurement configuration without a connected PC
  • Displays real time data, and previous results in table or graphic form
  • Built-in, non-volatile flash memory for measurement storage
  • Behaves like any USB thumb drive
  • Recorded, delimited ASCII text files are accessible by any computer running any operating system
  • Built-in real time clock time and date stamps each measured value
  • Huge on-board memory capacity: >65,000 samples in each of 100 files
  • Supports both single-shot and long-term data logging modes
  • Built-in USB interface for uploading recorded data to the PC for analysis
  • Recorded data files are Excel-compatible
  • Built-in, rechargeable Li-polymer battery
  • Discount Schedule
  • 10% off MSRP
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EL-EnviroPad-TC Data Logger
This data logger has 0.1 degree of resolution.This data logger has a single channel.This data logger measures thermocouple temperatures type J, K, N, and T.This data logger can record one sample every second.This data logger has a USB interface.
This data logger records data to internal memory.Get same day shipping when you order this data logger before 3PM ETThis data acquisition system has a 30-day Money back guaranteeUse coupon code EL10USB for 10% off your Lascar data logger purchase.


Model EL-EnviroPad-TC is a temperature measurement instrument designed to work with a connected thermocouple. It integrates a touch-sensitive display, rechargeable battery, and a huge non-volatile memory to offer a truly portable temperature measurement instrument for a variety of manual and automatic measurements. The EL-EnviroPad unit easily fits in the palm of your hand, and the supplied K-type thermocouple probe tethers to it using a coiled lead wire that can easily stretch over 4 feet (1.2 meters) from probe tip to connector.

EL-EnviroPad-TC allows two temperature measurement modes: Spot checks where a single temperature measurement is acquired and recorded to flash memory with the date and time of acquisition; Long-term data logging where the instrument is configured to acquire temperature data at one of six programmable sampling intervals ranging from once per second to once every 12 hours. Like the spot check mode, time and date information is logged to flash memory with every temperature measurement.

Both data logger and spot check modes display minimum and maximum values acquired during any given session. The data logger mode allows programmable high and low temperature limits. When an enabled limit is breached, the EL-EnviroPad will sound an audible alarm and its real time display flashes red. The audible alarm will persist, even after measured temperatures return to normal levels, until a virtual button is pressed to reset it. Pressing another virtual button mutes the audible alarm. Recorded measurements display in real time, and their background color changes to indicate alarm states. A grey background color indicates readings within defined limits, while values that breach the upper and lower limits display with a red and blue background color respectively. Data logging sessions may begin immediately, or at a programmable date and time in the future.

Finally, data files recorded to the device may be reviewed directly on the EL-EnviroPad display in either a tabular or graphical format with time and date information. A single virtual button push displays summary stats that indicate the number of high and low limit breaches, and absolute minimum and maximum measurement values for the entire file. To support more detailed analysis, EL-EnviroPadacquired data are stored as delimited text files on the device. These may be accessed as any USB flash memory by simply plugging the EL-EnviroPad into the USB port of any computer running any operating system that can access a USB thumb drive memory device. Popular examples are Windows, Linux, and OS X for Macs. When accessed from a Windows platform, software provided with the ELEnviroPad allows cursor-based measurement review and instant export to Microsoft Excel®.



Rubber Boot



Protective rubber boot for EL-Enviropad-TC and EL-DataPad.


AC Power Supply

AC power supply


Optional AC power supply (USB to AC) for stand-alone applications and charging EL-WiFi Series products. Includes US adapter.


Australian Power Adapter

Australian Power Adapter


Spare Australian Adapter for AC power supply 101017-2 and 101085.


UK Power Adapter

UK Power Adapter


Spare UK Adapter for AC power supply 101017-2 and 101085.


EU Power Adapter

European Power Adapter


Spare European Adapter for AC power supply 101017-2 and 101085.


US Power Adapter

US Power Adapter


Spare US Adapter for AC power supply 101017-2 and 101085.


Thermcouple Probe (Discontinued)

K-type Thermocouple Probe


Spare K-type thermocouple probe (1 meter) for EL-EnviroPad-TC.


Enviropad Software

Export Software

FREE View, export, or print your EL-Enviropad-TC data in tabular and graphical format.

Lascar Enviropad Software


USB supply voltage: 4.5 to 5.5 VDC
Internal Resolution: 0.1°
Data recording capacity (per recording): 65,536
Resolution: 0.5°
Hand unit operating temperature range: 0°C to +50°C (+32°F +122°F)
Operating time (on a single charge): 24 hours
Dependant on recording settings
Typical use: 1 minute recording rate and power-save
Displayable temperature (dependant on probe): -100 to +1400°C (-148 to +2552°F)
Storage Capacity: 100 files