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LCF455 Series

Low Profile Pancake Type Load Cell with Tension Base

LCF455 Load Cell

Download the LCF455 Load Cell DatasheetDownload the datasheet

The LCF455 is a pancake load cell with tension base suitable for inline applications on actuators or threaded assemblies. The LCF455 series can be modified or customized to meet your requirements (contact DATAQ Customer Support for more information). This product is manufactured in the US and uses metal foil strain gauge technology.

    Capacity Aluminum Stainless Thread  
Buy Part Number Lbf Newtons 2024-T4 17-4PH 5/8-18 M16x2 Connector
Contact Us FSH01966 300 1335   checkmark checkmark    6 pin Bendix
FSH02227     checkmark
FSH00191 500 2225   checkmark  
FSH00203 checkmark    
FSH02106     checkmark
FSH00204 1000 4450    
FSH02107     checkmark
FSH00190 2000 8900   checkmark  
FSH00205 checkmark    
FSH01708     checkmark
FSH00193 3000 13350   checkmark  
FSH02109     checkmark
FSH00194 5000 22250    
FSH02110     checkmark
FSH02046 10000 44500    
FSH002221     checkmark