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Load Cell Accessories

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Buy Part Number Length in feet Connector Supported Series
Contact Us FSH01790 15 LEMO
FSH01785 30
FSH02114 100
FSH01757 15 6-pin Bendix LCF450 and LCF455
FSH02434 30
FSH01886 100


Buy Part Number Description Supported Series
Contact Us GOD00047 4-pin LEMO
GOD00046 6-pin Bendix
LCF450 and LCF455

Load Buttons

Buy Part Number Thread (Male) Supported Series
Contact Us MCP00956 5/8-18 LCF450 and LCF455
MCP00966 M16x2 LCF450 and LCF455
MCP01164 4-40 LSB200
MCP01165 M3x0.5 LSB200
MCP00953 1/4-28 LSB302
MCP00954 3/8-24 LSB302
MCP00963 M6x1 LSB302
MCP00964 M10x1.5 LSB302

Eye Bolts

Buy Part Number Thread (Male) Supported Series
Contact Us GOD00748 1/4-28 LSB302
GOD00749 3/8-24 LSB302

NIST Traceable Pressure Sensor Calibration Certificates

Buy Part Number Tension Compression Supported Series
Contact Us SLB00001 checkmark checkmark LSB200
0.35 - 8.8 oz.
SLC00001   checkmark
SLT00001 checkmark  
SLB00002-302 checkmark checkmark LSB200 (over 1 lbf)
and LSB302
SLC00002-302   checkmark
SLT00002-302 checkmark  
SLB00002 checkmark checkmark LCF450
and LCF455
SLC00002   checkmark
SLT00002 checkmark