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LSB200 Series

Miniature S-beam Load Cell

LSB200 Load Cell

Download the LSB200 Load Cell DatasheetDownload the datasheet

The LSB200 series is widely used in medical bag weighing applications as well as automated feed back control and inline processing applications. The LSB200 series can be modified or customized to meet your requirements (contact DATAQ Customer Support for more information). This product is manufactured in the US and uses metal foil strain gauge technology.

    Capacity Aluminum Stainless Thread Cable Length (ft)
Buy Part Number Lbf Newtons Ounces Grams 2024-T4 17-4PH 4-40 M3x0.5 5 10
Contact Us FSH02319      0.35  10 checkmark     checkmark checkmark  
FSH02666     0.7 20   checkmark    
FSH02667         checkmark  
FSH02535     1.8 50   checkmark    
FSH02663         checkmark  
FSH02536     3.5 100   checkmark    
FSH02664         checkmark  
FSH02602     8.8 250   checkmark    
FSH02665         checkmark  
FSH00091 1 4.5       checkmark    
FSH00101         checkmark  
FSH01559       checkmark     checkmark
FSH00092 2 8.9         checkmark  
FSH00102         checkmark  
FSH01748       checkmark     checkmark
FSH00093 5 22.3         checkmark  
FSH00103         checkmark  
FSH01887       checkmark     checkmark
FSH02235         checkmark  
FSH00095 10 44.5       checkmark   checkmark  
FSH00104         checkmark  
FSH01888       checkmark     checkmark
FSH00096 25 111.3       checkmark   checkmark  
FSH00105         checkmark  
FSH02224           checkmark
FSH00097 50 222.5       checkmark   checkmark  
FSH00106         checkmark  
FSH02494       checkmark     checkmark
FSH00098 100 445.0         checkmark  
FSH00107         checkmark