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LSB302 Series

Higher capacity S-beam Load Cell

LSB302 Load Cell

Download the LSB302 Load Cell DatasheetDownload the datasheet

The S Beam Load Cell offers a compact design for platforms, silos, or scales. The LSB302 series can be modified or customized to meet your requirements (contact DATAQ Customer Support for more information). This product is manufactured in the US and uses metal foil strain gauge technology.

    Capacity Thread Cable Length (ft)   Aluminum
Buy Part Number Lbf Newtons 1/4-28 3/8-24 M6X1 M10X1.5 2 5 10 LEMO
Contact Us FSH00993 25 111.3 checkmark           checkmark    checkmark
FSH00998     checkmark        
FSH01019 checkmark             checkmark
FSH01020     checkmark        
FSH01797   checkmark          
FSH02080 checkmark         checkmark    
FSH02085     checkmark        
FSH01012 50 222.5       checkmark      
FSH01022             checkmark
FSH01476 checkmark            
FSH01798   checkmark          
FSH02081 checkmark         checkmark    
FSH02086     checkmark        
FSH00995 100 445.0 checkmark           checkmark  
FSH00999     checkmark        
FSH01013       checkmark      
FSH01023 checkmark             checkmark
FSH01024     checkmark        
FSH01607   checkmark          
FSH02082 checkmark         checkmark    
FSH02087     checkmark        
FSH00996 200 890.0 checkmark           checkmark  
FSH01000     checkmark        
FSH01014       checkmark checkmark      
FSH01025 checkmark             checkmark
FSH01026       checkmark      
FSH01035   checkmark          
FSH02083 checkmark         checkmark    
FSH02088       checkmark      
FSH00997 300 1335.0 checkmark           checkmark  
FSH01001     checkmark        
FSH01002       checkmark      
FSH01010 checkmark       checkmark      
FSH01027             checkmark
FSH01028       checkmark      
FSH02084 checkmark         checkmark    
FSH02089       checkmark