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Instructions for WinDaq Add-ons and Utilities

WinDaq Add-on programs are supported in WinDaq versions 3.16 and higher. For the latest version of WinDaq go to Upgrades. Note that an upgrade using WinDaq/Pro or WinDaq/Pro+ may require you to purchase a new key. Use the guidelines below to incorporate your add-on to the WinDaq menu.

Add keys

Add keys to the [Tools] section of the TPDATAQ.INI file to include your add-on in the WinDaq menu. The WinDaq XY Viewer Add On has already been installed and keys have been placed in the TPDATAQ.INI file:


For example, XY Viewer has the following keys assigned:


Use a similar format to include your add on.

Required Keys

Fn: Application path

TEXTn: Text for the menu item in WinDaq Acquisition software. Using ampersand (&) immediately after a letter designates a keyboard shortcut and underlines that letter in the WinDaq View > Add ons menu.

IDn: DATAQ approved Unique ID. Upon submitting an add on DATAQ will assign an ID number to your program. If you do not submit your add on to DATAQ, use a unique identifier of your own.

Optional Keys

AUTHORn: Author of the add on.

HELPn: Name of the help file for the add on. Must be placed in the Windows\Help Directory.

n is a number to differentiate each add on and is generally incremented at each additional installed add on program.

Removing an add on

To remove an add on, replace TEXTn=MenuItemName with TEXTn=REMOVED. DO NOT delete the block of keys in the tpdataq.ini file as this will cause subsequent add ons to be unavailable.

Command Line

WinDaq will spawn an add on using the following command line:

<addon.exe> -D<DLLName> -N<Title> -I<ChannelIndex>

<addon.exe> is your add on program executable filename.

<DLLName> is the DLL used by WinDaq for your acquisition session.

<Title> is assigned by WinDaq and uses a portion or all of the WinDaq Title bar to create the title bar for the add on.

<ChannelIndex> the index of the highlighted channel in Windaq. For example if channels 2,3,6,8,9 are enabled, channel 6's index is 2. If no channel is highlighted, ChannelIndex will be -1