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Starting with Revision 3.16, WinDaq Acquisition software can integrate 3rd party add-ons to its functionality. For the latest version of WinDaq please see the Upgrades page. Note: Upgrades in WinDaq/Pro or Pro+ may require you to purchase a key. Feel free to download any or all of the self-extracting programs listed below. For instructions on incorporating your own add-on see our instructions page.

Visit the DATAQ Developer Network to learn how to create your own programs and for example programs in Visual Basic, LabView, C++, Visual Studio.NET and more.


Some of the following programs are contributed by 3rd party entities - DATAQ Instruments does not provide any warranty or support.

The WinDaq Add-on package from DATAQ Instruments includes the following programs:

The WinDaq Add-on package from Ultimaserial includes:

Other Add-ons from DATAQ Instruments:


The following utilities are mainly user contributed, and DATAQ Instruments does not provide a warranty or any support. Utilities cannot be entered into or spawned from the WinDaq Acquisition menu.

For support please Submit a Support Ticket.